Start Sheet : Open 25 : 19th July 2015

Start time Number Name Club Category Vet std
7.31 1 Allistair Banks & John Swanbury (tandem) VC Baracchi
7.33 3 John Musgrave Diss & District Cycling Club V 1:14:36
7.34 4 Trevor Roberts Wolsey Road Club V 1:06:13
7.35 5 Danny Watkins Team VeloVelocity V 1:06:13
7.36 6 David Gigg East Anglian CC V 1:07:50
7.37 7 Paul Moss Stowmarket & District CC V 1:07:26
7.38 8 Gary Matthews Sole Bay Cycle Sport V 1:08:52
7.39 9 Richard Allen VC Baracchi V 1:09:34
7.40 10 Geoff Frost Team VeloVelocity V 1:06:51
7.41 11 Adrian Pettitt Stowmarket & District CC V 1:07:15
7.42 12 Gavin Money Iceni Velo V 1:07:15
7.43 13 Antony Birt Ipswich Bicycle Club S
7.44 14 Jane de Boltz Ipswich Bicycle Club LV 1:13:41
7.45 15 Steven Neil Kings Lynn CC V 1:07:38
7.46 16 Paul Sexton VC Norwich S
7.47 17 Andrew Kennedy Ipswich Bicycle Club V 1:08:02
7.48 18 Verity Smith Stowmarket & District CC WS
7.49 19 John Thompson VC Baracchi V 1:10:38
7.50 20 Gavin Moore Team VeloVelocity S
7.51 21 Kevin Norman Stowmarket & District CC V 1:08:02
7.52 22 Ed Dean Norwich Amateur BC V 1:07:26
7.53 23 Roy Rowland Iceni Velo S
7.54 24 Peter Beard Stowmarket & District CC V 1:08:39
7.55 25 Damon Day Cycle Club Sudbury V 1:07:50
7.56 26 Paul Shelley Diss & District Cycling Club V 1:06:13
7.57 27 Cliff Loveday Ely & Dist Cycling Club/JT Cycles V 1:08:14
7.58 28 Roy Cuppelditch Colchester Rovers V 1:08:14
7.59 29 Emma Beard Stowmarket & District CC WS
8.00 30 Angus Jardine Ipswich Bicycle Club V 1:07:38
8.01 31 Chris Nudds CC Breckland V 1:12:44
8.02 32 Simon Hance Ipswich Bicycle Club V 1:06:39
8.03 33 Bob Quarton Wolsey Road Club V 1:10:38
8.04 34 Debra Peck Colchester Rovers LV 1:13:55
8.05 35 James Rush Norwich Amateur BC S
8.06 36 Andrew Leggett Team VeloVelocity V 1:06:13
8.07 37 Guy Stevens East Anglian CC V 1:09:19
8.08 38 Jamie Doy Sole Bay Cycle Sport V 1:08:02
8.09 39 Steve de Boltz Ipswich Bicycle Club V 1:08:02
8.10 40 Steve Gorbutt Diss & District Cycling Club V 1:07:15
8.11 41 Christopher Garwood VC Norwich V 1:07:03
8.12 42 Martin Pyne Anglia Velo V 1:09:49
8.13 43 Paul Dennington VC Baracchi V 1:08:14
8.14 44 Patrick Ellis Diss & District Cycling Club V 1:07:15
8.15 45 Chris Lacey Stowmarket & District CC V 1:09:19
8.16 46 Jim Erith LFGSS Cycling Club V 1:07:15
8.17 47 David Fenn Cycle Club Sudbury V 1:11:58
8.18 48 Andy Smith Diss & District Cycling Club V 1:09:49
8.19 49 Doug Reilly Godric Cycling Club V 1:09:34
8.20 50 Simon Daw Velo Schils Interbike V 1:08:14
8.21 51 Cliff Matthews Wolsey Road Club V 1:10:04
8.22 52 Tom Sharpe VC Norwich S
8.23 53 Becky Schofield Tri-Anglia WS
8.24 54 Mark Ready Diss & District Cycling Club V 1:09:05

Watch the Tour of Britain Cycle Race

Sat 12th Sept

TOB Norfolk LogoSee some of the World’s Top Riders in delightful Old Buckenham then see how good you are! Have a go at racing yourself! Round the Village Green on closed roads.


  • 13:45 Race 1 of 40 Minutes British Cycling’s 3rd & 4th Category Race Licence holders
  • 14:40 Race 2 of 20 Minutes for those born before 1999 Non British Cycling Members & BC 4th Category Licence Holders
  • 15:10 Race 3 of 10 Minutes for all Youths born 2003 to 2006 Non British Cycling Members & BC A&B Category Licence Holders
  • 15:30 Race 4 of 20 Minutes for all Youths born 1999 to 2002 Non British Cycling Members & BC C&D Category Licence Holders

Where applicable preference will be given to Local & Non BC members Maximum of 50 riders permitted in each race. Special Prizes for Non BC members.

Enter by 5th Sept via: –

Cycles must conform to British Cycling’s Rules & Regulations

And afterwards

Enjoy the fun of the fair, the beer festival, band and stalls Organised by Diss & District Cycling Club (Under the Rules & Regulations of British Cycling) Old Buckenham Parish Council Breckland District Council More information


Diss Cycling Club Celebrates 75 Years In The Saddle

We celebrated our 75th anniversary with a set of special events on 25th May 2014. Founded in 1939 by local cycling enthusiasts, Diss Cycling Club organised two cycle rides, one 75 miles long and the other 75 kilometres long, to celebrate the milestone.
Both cycle rides met up at Breckland Lodge outside Attleborough which was the destination for the first ever club ride back in 1939. Louise Wain, assistant manager at Breckland Lodge, said “It was great to see so many of the club members here today and we were delighted to provide a specially decorated cake to mark the occasion.”

Club riders in 1939

Some of the first club members in 1939 including Eric Madgett, second from the left, whose son Mick Madgett is still an active club member today and runs Madgetts Cycles in Diss.

Ken Joliffe, chairman of club, speaking at the barbecue after the rides returned to Diss said “Through the years, Diss Cycling Club has had many successes and it is tremendous to have so many people come along today to help us celebrate. We have friends here who have been cycling for over 50 years, cycling alongside some of our younger riders like Richard Dunnett, Phil Coy and Tom Fitzpatrick who compete at a national and international level. More than anything though, Diss Cycling Club is about helping everyone enjoy the sport and we’ve seen today how lucky we are to be able to ride in the beautiful Norfolk and Suffolk countryside around Diss.”
Ex club member Lenny Green, 83, recalled how he joined the club in 1947 and competed in Time Trials and other club events. He particularly recalled cycling back from a club event in the early 50s without a rear light and being caught by a policeman. “I was fined 15s and sent home with a flea in my ear.” said Lenny “I was only an apprentice so that was nearly a week’s wages for me the time.”

Breckland Lodge - 25th May 2014

Club members at Breckland Lodge, the destination of the first ever club run in 1939.

These days the club organises several social club runs each week and also participates in road racing, cyclocross and mountain bike racing locally and across the country. It has a rapidly growing membership and anyone who wants to find out more can find their website at


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See more photos from the day on Facebook

Diss CC 75th – 25th May 2014


We’ll be celebrating our 75th Anniversary on Sunday 25th May with a club ride and a barbecue afterwards at Roydon Village Hall.

Details as follows:

  • Club ride will leave Diss at 9am heading out to Breckland Lodge (the destination of the first ever club ride back in 1939).
  • We’ll then have a coffee break and loop back to Roydon Village Hall in two groups – with one group covering 75km and one covering 75miles.

There will then be a barbecue at Roydon Village Hall at 1:30pm.

Everybody welcome plus partners. It would be great to get along as many people associated with the club through our 75 years as possible so please spread the word!

Diss Reliability Rides – 9 March 2014


Venue: The World Horse Welfare,
Hall Farm, Snetterton, NR16 2LP
Date: 9th March 2014

Only £3 entry. Route sheets will be available on the day
Come and join us on a choice of routes around the picturesque lanes of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Reliability Rides
100km Road Ride – 09.30am – Route Map : gpx , pdf
50km Road Ride – 10.00am – Route Map : gpx, pdf
50km Ruff Stuff Ride – 10.00am – Route Map : gpx, pdf
30km Ladies Road Ride – 10.30am – Route Map : gpx, pdf


Any questions contact Paul Bolger on 07802371612 or

Café open all day.
No need to book, just turn up on the day and ride!

Diss Cycling Club Events 2014

Date Event Location Start  Time
March 9th Reliability Rides World Horse Welfare, Snetterton
April 8th 10 miles B10/42 Results
April 15th 10 miles Brockdish Circuit Results
April 22nd 10 miles B10/42 Results
April 29th 10 miles B10/42 Results
May 6th 10 miles Brockdish Circuit Results
May 13th 10 miles B10/42 Results
May 20th 25 miles B25/17 Results
May 27th 8/12 miles Wortham Ling Circuit Cancelled (Rain)
June 3rd 25 miles B25/17 Results
June 10th 10 miles Wingfield Circuit Results
June 17th 10 miles B10/42 Results
June 24th 8/12 miles Wortham Ling Circuit Results
July 1st 25 miles B25/17 Results
July 8th 10 miles B10/42 Results
July 15th 10 miles Brockdish Circuit Results
July 22nd 10 miles B10/42 Results
July 29th 10 miles B10/42 Results
August 5th ‘Wacky Races’ Results
August 12th 10 miles Brockdish Circuit Results
August 17th Diss CC Road Race Hopton
August 19th 10 miles B10/42 Results
August 26th 10 miles B10/42 Results
October 26th Hill Climb Homersfield Results

LED rear lights are required for all events and front lights for April & August events


  • B10/42 & Brockdish Circuit: Layby east of Billingford Horseshoes, on A143
  • B25/17: 400yds west of Bressingham Chequers PH on A1066
  • Car park in field on south side of A1066, entrance just past lay-by near Chequers
  • Redgrave circuit: Centre of Redgrave, Near Crosskeys P.H.
  • Wortham Ling circuit: At eastern end of Wortham Ling, by made-up track leading to ‘Anglia Autoflow’.
  • Wingfield Circuit: on Wingfield Common, near Wingfield Castle
  • Homersfield Hill Climb: At junction by ‘Dove House’ Restaurant, just off A143