Diss CC AGM : 27th Oct 2015



  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of 2014 AGM
  3. Matters arising
  4. 2015 Officials Reports
    1. Chairman – Ken J
    2. Treasurer – Jon K
    3. Membership – Simon H
    4. Kit – Steph H
    5. Web – Neil C
    6. Racing – Mick M & Rob Hobbs
  5. Election of Officials for 2015.

Please note all the current Officials and Committee Members are willing to stand for a further year. Other nominations will be accepted at the meeting.

  1. Chairman – Ken Jolliffe
  2. Vice Chairman – Not considered necessary
  3. Treasurer – Jon Kidd
  4. Membership Sec – Simon Harrison
  5. Kit Officer – Steph Hoyle
  6. British Cycling Contact / Cycling Time Trials – Mick Madgett
  7. Press Officer –
  8. Communications/IT – Neil Collins
  9. Social Sec – Sean Cole – New position which Sean is already doing.
  10. Club Run Sec –
  11. Minutes Sec – Val Bolger
  12. Welfare Officer –
  13. Committee Members – Paul Bolger

Proposed by Retiring Committee

6.  That the Club accepts the new written Constitution as it stands. The committee suggests that this be considered a ‘live’ document. It is quite an extensive and AGM time will not permit study of each item within it at the AGM. It is suggested that if any members wish to amend they do so to the committee in writing after the AGM. Any changes made will be voted on at the 2016 AGM. See separate document

  • Proposed by Retiring Committee

7.  Team Captains Proposal – See separate Document. This is similar to the proposal of last year to have racing teams. 1) Road Racing – Ian Nixon 2) Time Trialing – Ashley Thompson 3) MTB/CycloX – ?? 4) Audax & Sportive – ??

If motion 7 is passed –                                                                                                                                  

8.  Add Team Captains to Committee & Elect said Officials

Proposed by Angus Wilkinson –

9.  To add Triathlon as a Club Activity with a Team Captain                                                                                                           With so many in the club now taking part and being quite successful at Triathlon and Duathlon races, maybe the club could consider registering with the British Triathlon Federation as a triathlon club also?
Believed cost around £100 and once registered gives members a discount on their membership to the BTF. Many clubs are registered now such as West Suffolk Wheelers, Bungay black dog runners, and Newmarket cycle and triathlon club.           Angus is also willing to stand as Team Captain

10.  If motions 7 & 8 passed –                                                                                                                        

Funding Team Captains Proposal – An opportunity has arisen to properly fund this proposal by organising a Sportive – Outline of opportunity to be described at AGM

  • Diss & District CC ‘Open’ Races next year. (Dates have to be ‘in’ end Sept)

1) Redgrave Cyclo Cross – Sat 21st Nov 2015 – Bob Hayward.

2) 25 mile TT – Trikes/Vet Bikes/72” Gear/2-UP – Sun 3rd April – Bressingham – Mick Madgett    

3) Hopton RR (ERRL) – Sun 31st July – Sean Cole.                                                                                        

4) 25 Mile TT – Sun 14th Aug – Bressingham – Mark Ready.                                                                    

5) Old Buckenham Races (ERRL Crit Champs?) – Sat 3rd Sept – Ken Jolliffe

  • AOB – If you have any questions, would like the club to do other things etc now is the time to speak!

Please note that in line with past & present Club practice items 6 to 10 will be decided on a 2/3rds majority. A desirable AGM Quorum would be 1/3 of current membership of 114 = 38 members. I’m sure we all want to be happy with the outcome so please attend and make your choice known.

The bar will be open.


Chairman’s Report

Ken Jolliffe

Usually the report for the AGM should be about the past year but I feel more will be gained by adding where your committee is trying to take the club in future years.

I feel the success this year is the change of kit, initially I was not exactly overjoyed by white at first but it stands out well, is very presentable and all seem keen to wear it.

We now have club runs Sunday, most Tuesdays and every Thursday. Sunday attendance seems to be down a bit but I think that is due to so many of you now moving on to different disciplines, a good thing. We failed to put club runs on a firm footing by having a designated venue and leader so club runs can only remain very much ad hoc. More difficult than herding cats it seems.

More of you seem to be competing on a more regular basis with a few doing outstanding performances. We are a sporting club after all and the wish is to encourage you to continue but on a perhaps more organised basis by entering teams rather than individuals entering whatever takes their fancy.

Facebook has been used to good effect to report on your activities but it is club run biased as someone is always willing to do a report. So come on you guys who are competing or riding sportives, don’t be bashful send in a report as well. Most of the club are interested in what other members are doing but if you don’t tell us how are we to know?

On a personal note as Chairman I feel guilty that I do not know you all, even by sight. Difficult but good attendance at the AGM and for the Prize Presentation in January will go some way to remedy this.

The AGM will ask you to approve a club constitution as at the moment I suspect many of you who are new to the sport but have joined the club find it extremely difficult to find out what is going on or why we do certain things. I would have we have done our best but I suspect that it can be improved on in the future.

The committee were a saddened that some members felt it necessary to change clubs to further their progression or enjoyment in the sport. To counter that we have come up with the proposal that we have a captain for 4 disciplines whose job will be to target certain events and coordinate entries for it. There will also be a sum of money to dish out among the participants. It is hoped this will engender a better club spirit and as part of a team will draw the riders out and improve their performances. Remember you always do better if you ride as a team and more enjoyable in my experience.

There is also a motion that we include triathlon in the disciplines covered by the club. Some local clubs have taken this step and it has proved reasonably successful.

There will be a list of what we are organising as events open to members of other clubs – ‘opens’ – next year as well as the proposed evening club time trials. We have been presented with an opportunity to fund the Captains proposal better, planning is in the early stages but progress and some details will be reported to you at the meeting.

Norfolk is not exactly a hotspot when it comes to any discipline of cycling, no dedicated cycling facility or opportunities for youths to compete on a regular basis within a reasonable traveling distance. Plans are afoot to change all this. Whilst you may not wish to take advantage of it; it will almost certainly heighten the profile of the sport in the region and increase numbers participating.

Lastly I would like to thank all the committee and others whose hard work has contributed to the success of the Diss.


Neil Collins

During the year the Facebook has continued to be very active (many times more active than other local clubs from what I can tell).  I’ve also revamped the main website to give it a cleaner look and to clear out a bit of the content – focussing on keeping the content on website to be the information about the club and things which don’t go out of date (like the history page).

I’ve now taken over the newsletter from Simon and switched to a tool called MailChimp which works well and means it’s easier to include things like photographs.

Plans for the coming year are to do much of the same but I’d be interested to hear if anyone has any ideas for changes or improvements.


Stephanie Hoyle

I have been in contact with Eldon regarding ordering the Diss CC kit.
I am in the process of ordering the winter kit and will be sending it on the 1/11/2015 so please let me know if you would like to order as soon as possible.
The fabric  and winter colours has had a revamp and the mens non bib shorts are now mens fit rather than uni sex.

I will be ordering on a quarterly basis and the company are hoping to create an online ordering basis so that we can order and pay for ourselves as we go which will be fantastic!
You will be able to pay and collect your ordered kit form Mick Madgetts shop in Diss.
We will be keeping a small section of kit just incase you need something for the weekend!!

TT Report

Mick Madgett

It has been a mostly successful season for our club Time Trials, with fields in excess of 20 many weeks, with the greater proportion being club members in most cases. There was one occasion when I cancelled the event, due to gale force winds, and another that was a bit ‘touch & go’ due to possible rain, which was not heavy enough to affect things in the end. 

There were some excellent times returned, the highlight being Tom Fitzpatrick getting to 2 seconds off Zak Carr’s course record! Peter Bolton’s excellent photos have given an added dimension to the events, & an added excuse to check on the club’s ‘facebook’ page.

On the negative side, the Wingfield Circuit event was poorly supported – several club member ‘regulars’ again supporting another club’s event rather than this, & as it involves a lot more work on my part, I’ve decided not to bother with it any more.

The ‘Wacky- Races’ was also a victim of a small turn-out for similar reasons, but several entered into the spirit of the event, & I’ve decided to make this the final event of next season, in the hope that people will enter into the spirit of it a bit more. Marshals, & other helpers were just sufficient, with last minute pleas several weeks. Many thanks to those who have helped, & my usual plea to others – it is a much appreciated way of putting something back ‘into’ the club, & is only an hour or so a week, plus you can usually work a bike ride into the ‘duty’, as well as it being an opportunity to yell encouragement/abuse at those riding!

Another encouraging sign is the increasing number of members who are now getting involved with the local ‘Open’ time-trial scene, with some good placings, including some wins from Steve Gorbutt. Hopefully this will continue to develop with the new initiative being proposed at the AGM.